Debate Methodology

Debating methodology in the classroom from 2015rfit


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what are you learning in history right now?

ww1 caused ww2


who a person is can be determined by genes.

perfecting skills you are best at is more effective than improving those you are weak at


Topics for Discussion
1.Most people care enough about the environment to make personal sacrifices to save it.
2.Poland should not sell arms to any foreign country.
3.Students should be able to select their own teachers.
4.Children should never be physically punished.
5. Unclaimed animals in the pound should be used for medical research.
6.It was easier to grow up when my parents were kids than it is for me now.
7.Legalization of drugs would result in less crime.
8.It is the duty of Poland to send aid to foreign countries suffering from poverty and lack of food.
9.Any censorship of music or act is wrong.
10.Rock music contributes to a rebellious attitude in some teenagers.
11.Nuclear arms are necessary.
12. Every student has the opportunity to succeed in our school.
13. The right to be forgotten undermines free speech.
14. The private lives of politicians does not impact their ability to govern.



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