National Stereotypes

National Stereotypes

Americans love guns.


Game about countries:

Students will volunteer themselves to play the Guessing game. One student at a time will stand in front of the classroom, holding a piece of paper by their forehead. On that paper, a certain race, ethnicity, or thing will be written. The student is not allowed to look at the paper. The student must ask questions to the class about the generally known aspects of the particular race or ethnicity on the paper. Using these reactions, the student may then guess what race, ethnicity or thing is on the paper.



Stereotypes about Poland (from the internet)

Polish people are handy and skillful. They are good builders and mechanics.

Poles do not speak foreign languages.

Poles never smile, but complain a lot.

Poles are proud and patriotic.

Poles are intolerant and racist.

Poles abuse alcohol.

Polish women are beautiful.

Organised crime and car theft are a part of everyday life.

Poland is very family oriented and traditional.


National Attributes



  • tolerant
  • romantic
  • respectful
  • hard-working
  • emotional
  • outgoing
  • nationalistic
  • well-dressed
  • humorous
  • lazy
  • sophisticated
  • hospitable
  • talkative
  • sociable
  • serious
  • quiet
  • formal
  • aggressive
  • polite
  • rich
  • rude
  • arrogant
  • ignorant
  • casual
  • angry
  • intellectual
  • alcoholic
  • superficial
  • friendly
  • easy-going
  • punctual
  • poor
  • boring
  • different
  • witty













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